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Welcome To The Regina Project

Welcome to The Regina Project


The Regina Project is a ministry birthed out of the tragic death of our daughter, Regina.  Our daughter was murdered by her husband in November of 2006 when she discovered he was having an affair.  God's strength, grace, and mercy was our salvation during this time of sadness and brokenness.  Only our God could have pulled us up and out of the darkness in our life during the aftermath of her death and the trial of our son-in-law.  Forgiveness was the only path we could travel and we knew that it was what was to be demanded of us.  Our Lord and Savior helped us through it all and blessed us beyond our imaginations.

The Regina Project is a ministry to women in crisis who need to hear of the healing power of God.  I invite women who have been through crisis and with the help of the Lord, have come out VICTORIOUS, to give their testimony of the saving grace of Jesus.  Nothing gives you strength and builds your faith like hearing what God has done for others who have gone through what you are going through.  Sometimes we as women have buried the hurt and pain when God truly wants us to deal with it and get over it.  Our past sometimes affects our present to the point of making it impossible for us to find joy and happiness in life.  Through music, skits, testimonies, and the word of God, these monthly conferences are setting women free and bringing long overdue healing.  We laugh, we cry, we minister to each other, pulling some from the brink of desperation.

We invite you to come and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and hear about the grace of a healing, living, caring God who knows all about you and your need for recovery and for a life of joy, fulfillment, and power in Him.

Come and join us in the celebration of being a strong, powerful woman of God.

No registration or fee is required.  


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